Terms of use of Sobflous.tn


The arrangement of services throughout sobflous.tn is subjected to your approval of the agreement. By filling in the subscription form and checking the box "I have read and approved the sobflous general terms of use" and/or by using the website you submit to the terms below, to legal data and to other terms and conditions added to the agreement.

The words «you» or «your» refer to the person or the people having access to the website. Unless the contrary is indicated, the words «sobflous», «us», and «our» refer to the Distribution Hamtel company .

The owner

The company Hamtel Distribution, is owner and manager of the www.sobflous.tn website .

Information about the membership

- When you login as a sobflous.tn member, you should provide updated, complete and precise information as you are asked in your registration form. You assert that the collected information while filling in the registration form is true, precise and complete. It is your duty to inform us if you change this information including your address. You can update this information as you wish by having access to the "My account menu". All the personal data you provide us as a joining member will be processed in accordance with the sobflous.tn private data. If you are under 18 years old, you must get your parents/tutor's approval to use this website.

Account closure and data deletion

If at any time you wish to close your Sobflous account and delete all your data, you can request the closure through the form on the following link contact us.

One of our advisers will contact you by phone and once the request to close the account is validated by our administrators, you will no longer be able to use it or reopen it, but you can register again to open another account.

Username and password

Once you become member of our site, you are entirely responsible for any fraudulent use of your id and password, including the unauthorized use of your credit card (or of any other card). If you realize that unknown users are using your id and password, warn us immediately. If you forget or lose your password you should then make a request for a new password by having access to the section "forgotten password" on the login page. You consent as well that you can only subscribe with your own name. Each user and password should be used by a one and only person .

Intellectual property

The right for intellectual property .

Company Monétique Tunisie

La société Hamtel Distribution a confié son système de paiement par carte bancaire à SMT (Société Monétique Tunisie Expert in secured electronic money transaction and specialised in securing online payments. We guarantee you the total privacy of your banking information secured by the SSL protocol which systematically controls access right's validity while paying by bank card and encrypts all the exchanges in order to guarantee the privacy.

Use of bank cards

While paying on sobflous.tn you should use your own bank cards

Tunisian Post office :

The Distribution Hamtel's company confide its e-dinar card payment system to the Tunisian post office :

Use of postal prepaid cards :

While paying on sobflous.tn you should use your own e-DINAR cards

Payment/Bank transfer :

Thanks to bank payment / transfer, you can fund your sobflous balance and perform several purchase operations without going through a payment by bank card or E-Dinar card. You can perform the payment from any bank agency indicated on the payment/bank transfer page of sobflous.tn.

Phone recharge
Direct transfer:

Regarding the type of recharges: Ooredoo light and Orange Express, the value of the tax stamp will be withdrawn from the recharged amount.In accordance with the articles decreed by the 2018 finance law stipulating the new amount of stamps duty applied for all phone operators. An SMS will be sent to you by the operator confirming the recharge operation's success.

Error of recharge: If the system rejected your request for recharging your phone line, you can consult the error message sent by the operator in the history section. There can be multiple reasons :

Recharge cards:

The price augmentation of recharge card represents the rights to tax stamps imposed by the Tunisian law.

The card's number will be displayed after the payment and will be registered in the section of phone recharge history .

Vouchers and sports betting transfer:

La société Hamtel Distribution est le prestataire de services autorisé pour la distribution des vouchers et l’acceptation des vouchers et transferts de retrait des plateformes de paris sportifs Bountou1x2.com, Promocote.com et bet216.tn à travers le site web www.sobflous.tn. et les applications mobiles Sobflous Android et IOS.

Tous les inscrits vérifiés sur sobflous.tn peuvent, à partir de la rubrique « Boutique», acheter en ligne avec leurs cartes bancaires, cartes e-Dinar de la poste, par versement/virement bancaire.

Sports betting vouchers available on sobflous are only valid for the following partner's websites: Bountou1x2.com, Promocote.com and bet216.tn .

«Sports betting vouchers» service usage guidelines :

Any purchase or sports betting voucher's payment or transfer of withdrawal of a third party from sobflous.tn is regulated according to the general sales terms described below.

Bank transfer service:
«Bank transfer» service usage guidelines":

Any transfer request to a bank account in Tunisia due to a purchase cancellation or any other motive from a sobflous third party is regulated according to the general sales terms described below:

Service Mone transfer to sobflous account :

Any balance transfer request to a sobflous account is regulated according to the general sales terms described below :

PostFlous service:

Distribution Hamtel is a Tunisian Post official partner and is authorized to provide postal services on the sobflous platform .

From the section "PostFlous", all the verified registered customers can pay online with their bank cards, postal e-DINAR cards, by bank transfer or via one of sobflous resellers or via other means of payment or several services related to the Tunisian post office.

«PostFlous» service usage guidelines":

Any purchase or payment linked to a sobflous third party's postflous service, is regulated according to the general sales terms described below :

Payment merchant service :

Le Service de paiement en ligne est un ensemble d’opérations dématérialisées mises à la disposition des utilisateurs de Sobflous.tn, leur permettant le règlement des achats effectués sur un site de commerce électronique ou chez un marchand physique partenaire de Sobflous. Ce règlement se fait via le compte Sobflous de manière sécurisée.

Service functioning:

After validating your basket on the merchant site and choosing the sobflous mean of payment or if you have chosen to pay the merchant with his "merchant code", you can validate the operation by using the two methods below:

1-1st method:

You will fill in the form by putting information such as your email, password or phone number associated to your sobflous account. You will then be redirected to the payment's validation form to choose the mean with which you would like to pay: National or international bank card, postal E-DINAR card, or by your sobflous balance .

2-2nd method :

Each merchant payment's transaction is identified by a payment's code and each merchant is identified by a merchant code you can use while validating the payment by having access to your sobflous account under the section merchant payment .

Payment's execution:

The mentioned amounts to be paid on the merchant site are indicated in Tunisian dinars (TD) all tax included and are valid from the moment when the client consults them. The payment will be immediately taken into consideration by the system. In case the system is unavailable you will be informed and your payment won't be taken into consideration. You can carry on with the payment later .

The payment:

Pour effectuer un paiement, vous devrez choisir Sobflous comme mode de paiement en cliquant sur le bouton prévu à cet effet ou entrez le code marchand de la boutique physique sur laquelle vous souhaitez payer. Votre paiement par le service Sobflous est géré auprès de la Sté Hamtel Distribution qui offre un service de paiement entièrement sécurisé. Vous garantissez à Sobflous que vous disposez des autorisations éventuellement nécessaires pour utiliser le mode de paiement choisi, lors de la validation de votre demande de paiement. Vous déclarez à cet effet, que vous êtes le titulaire légitime du compte Sobflous utilisé pour le paiement en ligne et que vous en assumez toutes les conséquences dans le cas contraire.

Protection and user's right:

1-Delivery deadline :

The seller or the merchant site should deliver the good or execute the service in the indicated date of order. If no date was fixed, the good's delivery or the service execution will occur at least 1 Month after the order.

In case the delivery deadline was not respected, you can send a claim to the sobflous customer service from your sobflous account under the section "Merchant payment"

2-Refund deadline :

If you return the goods to the sobflous partner merchant or cancel the service delivery after cancelling your order because of the non respect of the delivery deadline or because the product you have bought from the merchant site is non-conformant after the delivery:

  • It is unsuitable for the expected use of a similar good.
  • It does not correspond to the description given by the seller (for example the color does not correspond to the model presented) .
  • It does not possess the qualities announced by the seller (for example, a machine presented as particularly silent and turns out to be noisy).
  • You should be refunded within a month maximum. However the merchant can postpone the refund until the day he gets back the goods or until you provide a proof that you have sent the goods.

    The merchant should refund the total amount you have paid, delivery fees included.

    In case the refund deadline was not respected, you can send a claim to the sobflous customer service from your sobflous account under the section "Merchant payment".

    3-Right for a bonus:

    Each user will get a Bonus on the purchases from Sobflous partner merchants. It is a deducted percentage from the amount of the purchase transaction and added to the user's bonus balance:

  • The Bonus granted to the buyer is not fixed and depends on the merchant or on a sobflous service, the bonus will be displayed before the execution of each payment.
  • The sobflous partner merchant cannot grant a bonus to buyers, for some or all the products or the services provided on his shop .
  • The payment's validation by the user means that the price and the bonus related to the product proposed by the merchant or Sobflous has been approved .
  • A Sobflous client can use the Bonus and transfer it to the sobflous balance only if the bonus balance exceeds 10 TD (Ten Tunisian Dinars).
  • You can only transfer your bonus balance to your sobflous balance .
  • If the payment was canceled or if the client was refunded, the amount of the bonus related to the canceled transaction will be deducted from the client's bonus balance .
  • If the bonus balance is inferior to the amount of the bonus related to the canceled transaction, the latter will be deducted from the total or partial amount of the canceled transaction before the client's refund.

  • Account's transactions

    According to the legal terms, you allow us to debit your sobflous account, bank card or e-DINAR card by the amount you have requested through this site under the only condition that your account has been activated by using your password or any other mean of authentification required at each login and that you have performed one of the operations below :

    Knowing also that all debits are under your responsibility.

    Fees applied to the sobflous account

    Account's opening : Free

    Commission on the recharge of your sobflous account: Free

    Commission on the transfer of balance to a sobflous account: Free

    Commission on the purchase of a coupon or a payment voucher : Free

    Commission on the deposit of a payment voucher on the sobflous account : Free

    Commission on the payment of a physical or virtual merchant: Free

    Commission on the phone recharge: Gratuit.

    Commission on the PostFlous service: Paying postal fees ( between 1 and 2 TD per operation) and variable bank fees.

    Bank transfer commission: Paying 2 TD with variable bank fees of the requested amount.

    Errors and unauthorized transactions

    Errors identification and/or unauthorized transactions. You can check your transaction's history at any time by log into your account on the sobflous website and by clicking on the "history" tab. It is very important that you immediately inform sobflous if you have reasons to believe that one of those cases occurred: (i) a non authorized transaction was performed on your account; (ii) a non authorized access was detected on your account; (iii) misappropriation of your password; Someone transferred or can transfer money by using your account without your consent Fraudulent access to the account You should as well immediately inform us if you have reasons to think that an error was made on your account

    To immediately inform Distribution Hamtel's company of the cases above, you commit to supervise carefully and regularly your Sobflous account . We will not try to hold you responsible for any unauthorized use of your account, unless we are convinced that you have not acted deliberately to allow a third party to have access to your password. We will hold you responsible for any unauthorized use of your sobflous account if we do not have the proof that you have acted deliberately allowing a third party to have access to your sobflous Id and/or your password; or if you acted in a fraudulent manner or intentionally or a crude negligence; you have thereby neglected your duties of using sobflous in the way it was inscribed on the contract . Notification to sobflous of errors, unauthorized transactions and/or inappropriate or unauthorized use of your payment tools ( Bank card or e-DINAR card). If you think that there was or that there could be an error, an unauthorized transaction, an inappropriate or unauthorized use of your sobflous account, you should inform us from the section « contact us ».

    Errors: If we notice an error of process, we will correct the error. If you have received less money than expected, Sobflous will credit your account with the difference. If you have received more money than expected, Sobflous can debit the additional funds from your account.

    Information security

    SOBFLOUS is committed to manage your user's information according to the stricter standards in terms of information security. We use computing security systems such as firewalls and data encryption, we control the access to our resources as well as our files

    To get more information about sobflous security practices, please consult the « Security space » section .

    The security of your Sobflous account depends also on the way you protect your Sobflous password. You should never transmit your sobflous password. Sobflous representatives will never ask for your password. Consequently, any email or any other type of correspondence asking for your password should be considered as a suspicious and unauthorized and should be reported to securite@sobflous.tn. If you transmit your Sobflous password to a third party for any reason, even if this third party promises to offer additional services such as account's consolidation, this third party will hence have access to your account and all your personal information and you will be held responsible of all the operations performed with your password. If you think that someone could have access to your password, change it immediately by log into your account and by changing your information's settings then contact us immediately .

    Access to your information and modification: You can see again the personal information you provided us and modify or change at any time the settings related to your sobflous account,by log into your account on the sobflous website and by clicking on My account and modify your settings.

    Mandatory information: You can only use SOBFLOUS by respecting the present guidelines and in any case your usage should be done for legal purposes, which means that you should respect the laws, regulations and usages in effect in Tunisia. You particularly commit to :

    1. Not using funds deposited on your sobflous account for illegal web trafficking (or outside the web)
    2. Do not publish, transmit or spread any prejudicial, obscene, slanderous or illegal information as much on sobflous.tn as from the latter .
    3. Do not use sobflous in a way that can harm other's rights.
    4. Do not perform unauthorized, false or fraudulent reservations
    5. Do not use software or devices to hinder the site's proper functioning by any mean either manually or electronically, including the fact of downloading or make accessible files containing distorted information or virus .
    6. Do not deteriorate or modify the graphic aspect of sobflous.tn or the software's codes constituting it .
    7. Do not engage yourself in actions that can lead to unreasonable or disproportionate trafficking on sobflous.tn or a related infrastructure .
    8. Do not by any mean obtain or try to obtain an unauthorized access to our networks.

    Without the prejudice of our other rights (whether legally originated or other), we reserve the right to :

    The respect of all laws in force while proceeding in any action related to the use of Sobflous services, regardless of the destination, is your entire responsibility. Before opening a sobflous account, you should necessarily accept all the articles above and the regulation's terms on the authorized usage.

    Hamtel Distribution