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Sobflous , online payment in a few clicks.

No need to carry your wallet around. Shop securely, pay bills, transfer money, top up your phone line, and access various services with one click.


Online payment services for Individuals

+ 300 000 abonnés

Instead of fiddling with your cards or logging into your online bank account, you can instantly cash out and withdraw money from our website or mobile app using Sobflous, a 100% secure online payment service. Register and create your rechargeable e-wallet now.

The available services for Professionals

More than 200 partner businesses benefit from our application.

Do you have an e-commerce website, a physical store, a mobile application, or a Facebook page? Are you looking for a way to accept payments from your customers in a user-friendly manner? We have the perfect solution for you! Ask for the Sobflous Merchant Kit and enjoy a wide range of options to manage your funds from one place.

Become a partner of the 1st online payment platform in Tunisia that meets all the needs of professionals in a single click.

Sobflous, a unique 100% digital online payment gateway

Simplify your life with a digital wallet! No need for cash, credit cards, or waiting in line to pay bills. Without question, there is less information to enter, the execution is fast, and the fees are minimal. It's ultra-secure, and you can make purchases and pay online without being banked.

Easy registration

You will need your phone number, email address, and password. Finally, to validate your profile, take a selfie with your ID.

Practical and easy to use

A perfect way for freelancers, students, and unbanked people to receive and send payments.

Access to a set of partner merchants

SONEDE, STEG, movie tickets, phone recharges, etc. No more accessing multiple accounts, transferring money, and trying to manage everything; we are revolutionizing online payment. Pay everything you need (recurring purchases and bills) quickly and without stress in a single click.

Fidelity bonus offers several advantages

A loyalty program has been set up to reward you. You can also turn your bonus into a balance.

Maximum security and personal data protection

The data collected by the Sobflous application are only necessary to provide the corresponding service. In addition, our mobile application is secure, and access on smartphones is done by Pin code or by biometric data. Also, if you are on a desktop version, your online payment path is secure from start to finish.

Pay with SOBFLOUS and enjoy our unique advantages

Instant and simple, access a variety of digital services with a single click!

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Sobflous revolutionizes online payment in Tunisia

Sobflous is a mobile payment application that allows you to send and receive money from your virtual wallet. We are the first online payment platform in Tunisia, a single gateway that centralizes various payment methods.

Our mission is to allow you to pay more easily what you need, when you need it, securely.

We believe in innovation, a world where consumers and merchants can enjoy secure, secure, fast, and easy transactions at any time and with a single click.

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How to create your virtual wallet Sobflous ?

To benefit from the advantages of the Sobflous application: mobile top-up - participation in online games - transfer of balance to a post office prepaid card - bill payment - online or e-commerce purchases - bonuses - etc... You just need to download the application (from App Store, Play Store, and App Gallery) and follow the registration process.

From any computer, smartphone, or tablet, to register simply. To do this, simply connect with your Facebook account, or Google account and follow the instructions to be able to pay online later. It is also possible to fill out the registration form to activate and confirm your registration data by registering with an email. Then, to pass to the verified account status, after entering your identity number, upload a photo (recto-verso) of your CIN and post a selfie with your identity card in hand. With a single click, you can fund your electronic wallet with national and international bank cards, through a reseller agent, deposit cash, or make a transfer in a partner bank agency or at the post office. Lire la suite
To manage an e-commerce site, a physical store, a restaurant, a Facebook or Instagram page, our Merchant Kit simplifies the collection of your customers. For this, it is necessary to open a merchant account to receive online payments by seeking the assistance of our PRO Support service to accompany you in your process. To receive real-time payments from your customers, they will have to enter your merchant code or scan the QR code by typing the amount to pay. Finally, if you are a RIB professional, you have the possibility to transfer your funds to your bank account. Read more

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Discover the convenience of our mobile application. Download now to access exclusive features, special offers, and an optimized user experience. Simplify your daily life with a single click.

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