Refund policy

Since proposes irrevocable and intangible products, we do not refund once the order is completed and the delivered product . As a client you are informed that after the purchase of any article on our site.
However, we know that exceptional circumstances can happen concerning the products we deliver.

Consequently, we make exceptions for the following reasons:

Please note that we do not engage our responsibility, hence we won't satisfy refunds/returns/exchanges requests for coupons or vouchers not accepted on merchant sites or expired .

Our technical help desk is always ready to assist and provide you appropriately an extreme professional support .

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Our technical help desk needs between 12 and 24 hours to manage your problem except during public holidays and weekends.

Refund requests are accepted on within the time limit of two weeks after ordering. With this request state on justifiable grounds the detailed reasons behind the refund request. Please make sure that your request does not go against our terms and conditions .